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Get To Know Us



Shannon O.

Founder & Executive Director

An Early Intervention Specialist, Shannon believes learning isn't just measured by simple outcomes, but by the "process" in which  learning is retained. Her desire to foster her students' innate love and curiosity for the world led to the founding of The Native School.


Amber D.

Administrative Director

An eternal optimist, Amber believes in lifting spirits through knowledge. She holds multiple business degrees and is experienced in operations management. As a Licensed Foster Parent and Youth Mentor for over 7 years, Amber believes that children should have a solid foundation rooted in outdoor learning, gaining an innate ability to enjoy the beauty of life.

Teaching Team

Rose Peterson.jpg

Mrs. Rose

Kinder Lead Teacher

Rose is a certificated K-8 teacher with a kindergarten teaching background. Her knowledge of teaching methodology combined with a love of the natural world helps her plan educational opportunities that are mindful of both. She is passionate about giving students the tools they need for success while still creating space for wonder, laughter and play.


Ms. Andrea

Kinder Teacher

Originally on the path to becoming a scientist with a BS in Aquatic Biology, Andrea realized her affinity for teaching and pursued a minor in K-8 Science & Math Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She continued teaching various ages, ultimately deciding she belonged in classrooms with young children and obtained an AA in Childhood Development. Her goal is to inspire and contribute to student's interest in the natural world that surrounds us, starting in early childhood. She continues professional development by attending NAREA Conferences and brings a unique blend of specialized knowledge to The Native School. 


Ms. Lizzie

Lead Piccola Teacher

Elisabetta (aka Ms. Lizzie) is first-generation Italian and speaks three languages. She attended La Scuola Primaria Maria Montessori in Perugia, Italy. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Santa Clara University where she also minored in Public Health and Communication. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she had the great outdoors as her playground and grew up with movement and nature as the guiding force of light in her life. Nature and her connection to it are the most important values she holds. Elisabetta is also an artist, and recently earned a certificate in Therapeutic Art Coaching. She is passionate about Art Therapy, Nature Therapy, and Play Therapy and believes resilience is cultivated through a growth mindset. She has a depth of experience working with both neurodivergent and neurotypical children. Miss Lizzie is thrilled to validate the rich, complex inner lives of the young adventurers of The Native School.


Ms. Shauna

Piccola Teacher

Shauna has a love for all animals. She loves to learn and teach about insects, animals, plants and other wildlife. What she doesn't know, she likes to learn about! She has a bachelor's degree in Child Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. With over 11 years of experience working from birth-5 years old, Shauna has become quite knowledgeable in the educational and developmental development of young children. Her passion for sharing our natural world with young children has led her to our program so that she can continue to teach her passion and share her love of all things that grow, swim, crawl, fly, slither, and run.

Nikki Crockett.jpg

Ms. Nikki

Kinder Lead Teacher

Nikki is a certificated K-8 teacher with an elementary teaching background. She holds a BS in Elementary Education, with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She is also a lifestyle photographer, a mom of two amazing kids and has a true love for children and the outdoors.  


Ms. Teddy

Kinder Teacher

Teddy, a Florida native, is majoring in environmental studies with a concentration in environmental education. While in Florida she worked at different nature preserves leading groups of kids through environmental programs. This ranged from various different types of nature hikes, lessons on local ecosystems, to kayaking with manatees. Before switching over to environmental education she was a teacher for children of special needs and learning disabilities. Her love of exploring the outdoors and nurturing children's passions has evolved beyond the normal curriculum, and has led her to believe nature and the outdoors are an essential component in a child's development.


Ms. Evelyn

Lead Piccola Teacher

Evelyn is pursuing studies in Environmental Studies and Early Childhood Education. She has worked for The Native School for over 3 years  and loves working with young children and guiding young hearts and minds, with a patient and loving heart. 


Ms. Lauren

Lead Piccola Teacher

Lauren has a long history of working and volunteering with kids. She graduated Cum Laude from New York University with a BA in English & American Literature and Creative Writing. She began her career in publishing before pursuing an opportunity to teach in a bilingual primary school in Spain, where she discovered a passion for empowering children and ensuring they never lose sight of the magic they enter this world with. She hopes to honor the innate wisdom in children, foster their expansion into their truest selves, and reframe education so that all types of students develop a passion for learning. A student of herbalism, she strives to be a loyal steward of the earth. She believes that fostering a deep love for the earth in kids not only benefits their mental wellness, but also ensures that our home planet will be better cared for by future generations. She speaks English and Spanish.

Marcie Connell.png

Mrs. Marcie

Support Teacher

Marcie originally attained her AA in Child Development and began her path to working with children ages 5 weeks to 5 years. After many years of teaching, she went back to school to graduate with a BS in Environmental Science with a concentration in Fish and Wildlife Management. Here, she is able to
combine her love of teaching with her love of the natural world. She has a passion for all living creatures big and small and believes in respect for mother nature. When she is not aiding in the education of young minds, you can find her out and about with her 2 kids, husband and dogs around San Diego at the beach, mountains, and everywhere in between.

Breana Garcia.jpeg

Ms. Breana

Support Teacher

A lover of explorative experiences of the mind, Breana is a true believer in learning from what the present moment can offer you and connecting that moment with the experience you're
engaging in. She has found a true passion in working with children from all backgrounds and has experience in working in clinic settings, school settings, home settings, and community
settings with both neurodivergent and neurotypical children. She is currently working towards completing her Bachelors at the California State University of San Marcos to earn a degree in Childhood and Adolescent Development. Breana also loves to explore and heavily enjoys her
continued learning from our third teacher being mother nature. She is able to gain this knowledge of seeking adventure through experiences such as hiking, camping, scuba diving. 


Ms. Ashley

Support Teacher

Ashley has always had a passion for kids and knew at a young age she wanted to work with children. She has worked with children for many years through being a nanny and working in child programs. Ashley is currently finishing her AA for Child Development at Palomar College.  She has a love for nature, health, and her dog! You will find her spending her free time outside taking her dog to the beach, on a hike, or going to the farmers market.


Ms. Laudi

Piccola Teacher

As an inspiring educator, Laudi's core belief is to teach, guide and support children in their social, emotional and development learning. Laudi has a BA in Sociology and a minor in Early Childhood Development. Her experience working with children has shown her that an environment where children are free to explore and take risks encourages them to thrive as learners. Her love for the outdoors runs deep as she is an avid backpacker and loves to travel.

Screenshot_20220825-144902 (1).png

Ms. Phoebe

Piccola Teacher

Phoebe is pursuing a degree in early childhood education while minoring in botany. She has a passion for everything nature and loves to share her knowledge of Southern California's native plants, bugs, and animals. Phoebe has worked with young children for a number of years and is enthusiastic about creating space for each child to embrace their uniqueness and cultivate their creativity!

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